Yesterday was quite a day.  I guess we saw it coming, but we didn’t think it would be this soon or so fast.  We had only a few hours to react.

Thanks to all those involved for getting 8 trucks of badly needed Tesla parts out the door by midnight!

Today’s the first day that everyone is at home.  Those who can are working from home.

Stephanie and Ellen worked late last night and all morning to get the bonuses calculated and payroll in, so responses to people questions have been delayed.  They will begin responding to questions this afternoon, and we will be giving them some additional resources to make sure we turn around questions as fast as we can.

The Website this message will be posted on our website each day if there is anything new to report.

I can answer a few of the most common questions :

  1. What about health insurance ?  Your healthcare coverage will continue as is during the three week stay at home period.  For those on unpaid leave, we will not require medical premiums during this three week period to be repaid.
  2. Good Friday Holiday : This holiday falls within the stay at home period.  We are going to move this paid vacation day to later in the year.  Maybe at Christmas time, maybe as a floating holiday chosen by the employees.  If we pay the vacation day it will reduce the unemployment benefit of those who receive it.
  3. Can I use my vacation or PMLA – yes, like my memo yesterday said.  It will affect unemployment benefits, though.  We’d like to know each employee’s wishes by the end of the week so we can get payroll done on time.


David Cooper

President & COO

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