Monday, March 30 Update

Still no cases in Mason County.

President Trump extended the recommended social distancing to the end of April.  We’re not sure what that means for UACJ Whitehall operations, but that should become apparent soon as the State of Michigan and our customers react to the extension.

We have received information about the recently passed CARES act.  It is 900 pages long, but we will be reviewing a summary and posting relevant information tomorrow.  The best news is that unemployment benefits will be substantially improved.  I’m sure this comes as good news to those employees who are on unpaid leave.

One of my friends forwarded to me an hour long video by a ICU Doctor in New York who spends 12 hours per day attending to COVID-19 patients, including those on respirators.  The main takeaway for me was that the two most important things are: 1. wash your hands often and after touching things outside your house at the grocery store or whatever and 2. Don’t touch your face with your hands because the disease enters through your mouth, nose or throat.

Stay safe and try to enjoy your time at home.



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