Even though we are only running essential lines, we’re still going to need another 55 people next week in Michigan to satisfy customer demand. Paducah will be starting up off-shifts for the G0 lines.

Since we were only able to get 9 volunteers in Michigan last week after asking everybody, it seems the only way forward is to start the standard recall procedure, in department seniority order. This is the same way we did the recall in 2019. When recalled, you may exercise your shift and plant preferences. There are acceptable COVID-19 related reasons to decline your recall, such as illness or childcare challenges, please talk to HR about your individual situation when called.

Some people were not able to take planned vacations during the shut down period. For this reason we are relaxing the vacation carry over policy. You may take one week paid and the rest may be carried over, even if it’s more than the 40 hour limit.

Have a good night.


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