Tuesday, May 5 Update

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Even though we are only running essential lines, we’re still going to need another 55 people next week in Michigan to satisfy customer demand. Paducah will be starting up off-shifts for the G0 lines. Since we were only able to get 9 volunteers in Michigan last week after asking everybody, it seems the only way […]

Monday, April 27 Update

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I returned to work today.  Duane took my temperature with a scanner and asked me some questions.  It’s a ghost town in the office, with only a few of us here while everyone else works from home. I walked through the Progress Drive plant and 6th Street plants so far.  I was really impressed with […]

Wednesday, April 23

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Governor Whitmer is expected to extend the stay at home order until the middle of May, but ease up on certain types of activity.  We’ll wait and see.  Mason county still has a very low number of cases, 5. Many of our major customers are still planning to start up on May 4, that’s why […]

Tuesday, April 21 Update

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Tuesday, April 21 Update   Cleaning, preparation and very limited production is taking place today.  This week about 20 operators are working in Michigan and Kentucky, plus necessary support staff.  Next week, as we have requirements for another 90 operators in all 4 plants.  We are trying to keep the number to a minimum required […]

Friday, April 17 Update

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I apologize for not posting in a while.  Each day I send an e-mail to all employees who have UACJ Whitehall e-mail addresses, and Stephanie posts the update on the employee Facebook page.  The reason I stopped was because each of these e-mails contained some information that our customers may not want us to share […]

Thursday, April 9 Update

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Thursday, April 9 update. I had to think really hard to remember what day it was when I started this update.  This new life reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day. Today Governor Whitmer extended the stay at home order in Michigan to May 1, as expected.  As I said in yesterday’s update, we will […]

Wednesday, April 8 Update

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Wednesday, April 8 Update We now have the first  confirmed case of Coronavirus in Mason County, and I understand that this person is recovering at their home. Toyota was the last of the major OEM’s to announce extending their downtime until the beginning of May.  Of all our customers, only Tesla in Shanghai and Reno […]

Tuesday, April 7 Update

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Tuesday, April 7 update The Michigan legislature voted to extend the state’s emergency declaration until April 30.  Governor Whitmer’s March 24 stay at home order expires on April 13, but the governor is expected to extend the order sometime this week. All of our customers seem to be shutting down for the entire month of […]

Monday, April 6 update

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Monday, April 6 update. It was a great weekend to get out and do some yard work, and probably many of us are feeling it in our backs and muscles by now. On the business side, today’s news is that automakers are extending their shut downs further.  Honda today announced that all North American production […]

April 1 Coronavirus Update

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No April Fool’s jokes in today’s update. Fortunately, no cases of COVID-19 in Mason or Lake Counties, yet. Not a lot of news today.  We are in daily communication with our customers to determine their status and when they plan to start back up. We’re still waiting to get a legal opinion in English that […]