Tuesday, April 21 Update


Cleaning, preparation and very limited production is taking place today.  This week about 20 operators are working in Michigan and Kentucky, plus necessary support staff.  Next week, as we have requirements for another 90 operators in all 4 plants.  We are trying to keep the number to a minimum required to fulfill automotive customer orders.

We are continuing to evaluate our customer requirements, and will recall people as orders increase.  We don’t expect to “re-open” one day and have everyone who is on leave come back that day.  We will be reaching people by telephone when it’s time to come back.

Unemployment claims continue to be the biggest complaint and concern.  HR is working in the evenings to make sure forms get faxed as soon as possible.  There is no backlog on the Whitehall side.  Stephanie is having great difficulty getting answers from the unemployment agency.  Unfortunately the system is overwhelmed.

Have a good night,


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