I apologize for not posting in a while.  Each day I send an e-mail to all employees who have UACJ Whitehall e-mail addresses, and Stephanie posts the update on the employee Facebook page.  The reason I stopped was because each of these e-mails contained some information that our customers may not want us to share on our website.  Today I can share the post, because it is only about us :


We are starting to call employees back.  At this point we are asking for volunteers and we are calling individuals to report on Monday April 20.  We will be calling more back on April 27.  After that will depend on customer requirements.

Because we supply the automotive industry, we are considered essential because automotive companies like Honda, BMW, Ford and GM can’t build cars without our parts.  We are ramping up to be prepared for the startup of these assembly plants.  You may have noticed other companies in Ludington like Great Lakes Castings, Brill, Kaines and Haworth are still working. They must be considered essential also.

We have notified local officials in Ludington and Paducah of our plans to gradually return to work, starting next week.  Included with the notification was our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The new COVID-19 safety plan has been completed by several members of management.  It is thorough and comprehensive and complies with the Governor’s requirements for essential businesses.  Spectrum Hospital visited the Progress plant today.  John Boos, Duane Tyndall and Bob Parks reviewed the plan with the hospital official, who was pleased with the plan and our preparation.

The plan includes the following topics :

  1. Pandemic Response Team
  2. Preventative Material Inventory
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Disinfection Measures – pre startup
  5. Disinfection Frequency – ongoing
  6. Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol
  7. Inbound Parts/Material/Packages
  8. Social Distancing Protocol
  9. Social Distancing in Manufacturing
  10. Social Distancing during shift change
  11. Social Distancing during breaks
  12. Social Distancing – Bathrooms, Common areas and offices
  13. On Site Health Screening
  14. On Site Health Screening Temperature Protocol
  15. Self-Quarantining and Return to Work Protocol
  16. Visitors, Contractors Self Screening
  17. Return to work guidelines
  18. Daily Cleaning Layered Audit

Have a great weekend, stay safe, and hope to see you soon!




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