The Paducah plant will be closed tonight at 8pm.

Michigan is up to 2856 cases, but still none reported in Mason County.  Oceana county reported their first case.

GM notified us that we have been awarded the GM 2019 Supplier Excellence Award.  Great job everyone!

Tesla told us that they were going to be shut down for another week, until April 12.  , Toyota and Aisin have announced extending their shutdowns also.  This all impacts the amount of business we will have in the short term, but since we are all shutting down at the same time, maybe the amount of work we have when we come back won’t be drastically reduced.

The US Senate passed a $2.2 trillion coronavirus response stimulus bill, which has to go through the House of Representatives  before the President can sign it into Law.  It is intended to help workers and businesses affected by the shut downs.  We will keep you posted on what the law means for UACJ Whitehall employees.

Stay safe and do your best to help control the spread of the virus.


David Cooper

President and COO

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