Automotive shutdowns seem to be extending and are now kind of open-ended. Mexico is starting to implement restrictions and our plant in San Miguel will likely be shut down soon.  We are awaiting legal interpretation of the latest order from the government down there.

There is good news in the new CARES act for those on unpaid leave. The act will allow for the extension of State unemployment benefits for up to 39 weeks.  In addition to that, the federal government will pay an additional $600 per week to the unemployed.  That’s on top of your state unemployment benefit, even if you were making less than this while working. This means that most of our hourly employees will be making more money on unemployment than they were when employed.  This additional benefit starts on March 27 and extends through July 31, however we are not sure when you  will see payment of the additional $600 from the federal government.

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and stay at home as much as you can.


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